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Body Sculpting Gel<br><font color=red> (FREE Membership Required)</font>

Body Sculpting Gel
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Sculptor’s Body Sculpting Gel uses a specially designed formula to help reduce inches while toning the skin in desired areas. Every body has a certain number of adipocytes or fat cells that can grow to more than 4 times their size and then divide to form even more fat cells when more calories are consumed rather than “burned” by the body. The extra fat, water and toxins are stored in these adipocytes and the individual begins to accumulate fat deposits in specific areas of the body.

Sculptor’s Body Sculpting Gel helps in preventing this accumulation while promoting an increase in metabolism and improving the tone of the skin. Can be used anytime of the day and during any activity, whether in the office, exercising, or when resting.

Great for the abdomen, thigh and arm areas.